Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Microsoft To Create iPod Competitor.

For the last four years, in the domain of digital music, Microsoft has played the role of pinata to Apple’s drunken frat boys with baseball bats. It has not been pretty. And so, after taking a rather severe beating in this emerging business of digital music, rumors have finally started to abound that Microsoft is now ready to enter the arena. Apparently they wanted to steal the title of “worst designed MP3 player of the year” award away from Sony and their “bean of music”. Or maybe they just have a few million lying around and they don’t know what to do with it. Anything could be possible.
But I think that what most likely occurred was that Gates finally realized that Apple is using the iPod + ITMS combo as a trojan horse to gain access to your living room. The future of computing will be to move your computer into your living room and merge it with your TV. The Xbox 360 is a move in this direction. However, it won’t be enough by itself. And it will ultimately be overshadowed by Apple’s entry into this area. So, this could be why MS wants to create a competitor to the iPod.

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