Thursday, February 09, 2006

Maximize Profit from Podcasting (1).

There’s enough money in podcasting for unlimited personal broadcasters, says podcast pioneer Chris Pirillo. As long as they make these audio web feeds interesting, of course.Mr. Pirillo, the founder of tech media network Lockergnome and host of a podcast sponsored by Microsoft, flew from Seattle to San Francisco last week to address an overflowing crowd of Apple fanatics about the “podcast economy” at Macworld.
However, in an interview with after the talk, he said he regretted the decision to give a generic concept like “on-demand audio” a catchy name so closely associated with the Cupertino, California, computer company. “I fought it,” he said, referring to the naming process a couple of years ago. That’s because the overlap between “podcast” and Apple’s wildly popular “iPod” portable music players has led to assumptions that the broadcasts can only play on Apple devices.
‘If somebody figures that out, they’ll probably make a billion dollars.’
-Chris Pirillo
Indeed, Apple competitor Creative got heat at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for saying “podcast” stood for “personal on-demand broadcast.” It was seen as a blatant attempt to avoid mentioning the iPod. But that etymology is no recent invention—it was discussed about the time of the birth of podcasting—said Mr. Pirillo, and he should know.
However, Mr. Pirillo acknowledged the connection to Apple’s hottest product has been a boon for the young world of podcasting. “It was a fortunate and unfortunate thing,” he said.
Besides selling 14 million iPods in the last quarter alone, Apple played an instrumental role in bringing podcasts out of the realm of geeks by including ways to subscribe to new shows in its iTunes software
(see iTunes Now Plays Podcasts, iTunes ‘Podcatchers’ Top 1M).
Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled podcast creation software last week (see Apple Fans Embrace Intel Macs).
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