Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Is Apple Readying A Red iPod?

Is Apple about to bring a Red iPod to market?
A post made last week at Popbitch told that U2 lead Bono was recently overheard discussing a new charity red American Express card as well as a red iPod in Dublin's Patrick Guilbaud restaurant. This bit of gossip became a lot more interesting when, just days later, Bono unveiled an red American Express card as part of Project Red, a new collection of merchandise from various companies created to help in the global fight against HIV. Approximately 40 percent of profits from the sale of Project Red products will go to the Global Fund to Fight Aids.

Aside from American Express, some of the Project Red partners are: Gap, Converse, and Giorgio Armani. Is Apple about to join the team?

via ipodhacks


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