Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The iPod Has Become Very Useful In Medicine.

The iPod’s sleek design and status-symbol white earbuds are Gen-X trademarks, but Grayson Wheatley is introducing the audio player to a demographic advertisers forgot: elderly patients with chronic health problems.
Wheatley, a cardiovascular surgeon at the Arizona Heart Institute in Phoenix, recently launched a podcasting series to educate patients he believes is among the first of its kind. He has produced podcasts, from two minutes to an hour long and contain video and audio content, that keep clinic visitors informed about the procedures they'll undergo and brief them on ways to lead a healthy lifestyle afterward.
In the programs, which have titles like "Angioplasty and Plaque Excision" or "Coronary Artery Bypass," AHI physicians describe each step in an operation and its importance as new age music plays in the background. "Endarterectomy," for instance, explains that clearing deposits from the carotid artery reduces stroke risk because excess plaque encourages blood clots to form and lodge in the brain.
Any internet user -- whether an AHI patient or not -- can access the presentations by subscribing to a free podcasting feed or downloading the files directly from the hospital’s website.

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