Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Apple unveils cut-price iPod nano

The iPod nano sold in vast quantities when first released in 2005
Apple has introduced a new version of its iPod nano with a smaller capacity of one gigabyte, enough for 240 songs.
The move is latest tweak to the company's evolving iPod line-up, and means the ultra-slim nano now comes in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB sizes.
The 1GB nano will sell for £109 in the UK, with the 2GB model at £139 and the 4GB version priced at £169.
Apple has also cut the price of its iPod Shuffle range, which uses flash memory rather than hard drive storage.
The 512MB iPod shuffle will now retail for £49 in the UK, with a 1GB version selling for £69.
The company said it had changed the structure and pricing at the lower end of its iPod family to make the popular music players more affordable.
Apple has sold some 42 million iPods since the first model was launched in October 2001.



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