Monday, February 13, 2006

Apple to release wide screen video ipod.

April 1, 2006 is Apple’s birthday and the rumor mill has been abuzz of late with expectatons of a new, widescreen video iPod. Some reports speak of an iPod with a widescreen LCD that occupies the entire face of the unit, with virtual controls implemented through the use of a touchscreen display, while others speak of a screen three times as large as the current iPods. The fifth-generation video-iPod has a 2.5″ LCD featuring a 320×240 display. If the three times as large rumor is correct, we imagine that the resultant screen resolution would be 640×360 - not far from the resolution of a widescreen DVD and this would surpass the Sony PSP’s 480×272 resolution screen.With Apple’s movement towards the entertainment center with Front Row and rumors of forthcoming large screen displays, an increase in the resolution of videos sold through the iTunes Music Store just makes sense. While a 640×360 video would scale up far better than the current 320×240 content, it’s certainly possible that Apple may be targetting an even higher resolution for truly ideal viewing on 20″ iMacs and beyond, but only time will tell.


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