Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apple Launches The iPod Hi-fi With Natural Bass Generated By a 130mm Woofer.

Without dissappointment, Apple has introduced the "ultimate" at today's event, held at the Cupertino, CA headquarters of Apple Computer, Inc. It's known as the iPod Hi-Fi. Apple describes it thus:
Pod Hi-Fi features three speaker cones custom designed to provide balanced sound across the frequency range. The result of numerous rigorous acoustic tests, this design delivers room-filling stereo imaging. The two 80 mm wide-range cones are set in dedicated chambers and isolated on the front plate, providing mid and high frequencies that sound vivid and bright. The natural bass of iPod Hi-Fi is generated by a 130 mm woofer. Thanks to the airtight sealing, the low frequencies are enriched inside the enclosure and then directed via tuned tubes through ports in the front.Sounds like a recipe for high fidelity audio. Apple also announced a leather case for the 5G iPod and nano that will retail for $99. The case does not allow access to the screen or controls. Asides the iPod, Steve Jobs introduced the Intel-based Mac mini. For a small price increase, the new mini offers a 4-5x performance increase. Would you like to Have a look ?.

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