Friday, January 06, 2006

Some of The major events and milestones for Apple in 2005.

Apple had record-breaking profits, they spent most of the year breaking its own records with higher profits in every quarter except the second. Apple ended the year selling nearly 22.5 million iPods and 4.53 million Macs. The iPod, according to some analysts, reached iconic status.
Apple found itself plagued with legal battles all year, just like most other companies. The company was sued over its FairPlay DRM technology, bad iPod batteries, scratched iPod nano screens, and disgruntled employees.It fired back with lawsuits against developers that posted pre-release copies of Tiger on file-sharing Web sites, and Mac rumor Web sites that leaked information about unreleased products.
Marketshare for Apple rose, too, thanks to renewed interest in the life sciences, business, and education markets.While Dell saw its worldwide shipments for the fourth quarter rise only 6.51 percent, Apple's jumped up 15.08 percent.


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